Growing Benefits of Prairie Agriculture

By centering the knowledge and experience of diverse lands and people, our network is harnessing prairies’ inherent resilience, and helping beneficial agriculture take root across the region.


Co-creating the knowledge we need

Prairie producers continuously adjust their practices to make the most of changing conditions. To understand how soil carbon, biodiversity, and other important benefits are affected, research must be attuned to the details of real-world management. By regularly integrating on-the-ground results with insights from diverse collaborators, our living lab is steadily improving our understanding of the strategies that work best for our region.

Our Local Context

Advancing prairie-proven solutions, together

Prairie systems show us how to thrive in a challenging and ever-changing environment. Through our collaboration, we are tapping into a wealth of local knowledge, studying a range of real-world scenarios, and building on the most promising strategies, in order to define and promote solutions that are best suited to the place we call home.


Avoiding land conversion

Retaining native and naturalized landscapes, including native and tame grasslands, riparian, wetland, and shrubby or wooded areas.

Managing grazing impacts

Actively manipulating timing and intensity of grazing and rest in native and tame rangelands.

Promoting perennials

Restoring and rejuvenating perennial grassland communities to use as pasture or hayland.


Planting cropland with diverse species blends to use as forage or fodder for livestock.

Our stories

The unique stories of prairie land managers and collaborators enrich and enlighten our work. Their experiences offer inspiration, ideas, and opportunities to shift our focus towards building a promising future agriculture together.

Be part of shaping the story

All with a stake in prairie agriculture are invited to join us. Your unique contributions can help to shape our approaches, our priorities, and our definitions of success. Get involved to make an impact on the landscapes and communities that carry us forward together.



First Nations

Opportunities to connect

Join us at upcoming events to connect, learn, and actively engage with the future of prairie agriculture.

Living Lab Field Day: Exploring Range Health

Join us in the field to learn more about the practical aspects of range health.

Living Lab participants Gerald and Patti Anhorn are hosting a field day at their ranch near Elrose, SK. Join us for hands-on learning and discussion on the components of range health assessments, with ranchers, agrologists, and other experts. To register, call or text...

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2024 Soil Health Conference

Living Lab Central Prairies will be attending.

You will find us at this conference along with many producers and other industry stakeholders wanting to learn and share resources about soil health principles.

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2024 Native Prairie Restoration/Reclamation Workshop

Living Lab participants join with stakeholders to present and learn.

Living lab participants will join with hundreds of other prairie stakeholders to present and learn about tools to restore or reclaim native prairie, ecosystem management, seed sourcing and seed mixes, and more.

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Sharing our progress

Stay informed about our journey toward a resilient prairie agriculture that benefits us all.

Nov 24, 2023

Data Collection Update

In 2023, the Living Lab – Central Prairies launched extensive field work across prairie ecoregions, with teams...