Polycropping Workshop at McCord, SK

On July 25, 2023, Living Lab hosted a polycropping workshop at the Gavelin’s farm in McCord, SK. Highlighting 19 polycropping species and expert insights, the event bridged the gap between research and practical farming. Kudos to the Gavelins for their leadership.

On July 25, 2023, Living Lab – Central Prairies hosted a polycropping workshop at Calvin and Marla Gavelin’s farm northwest of McCord, Saskatchewan. The workshop consisted of a polycropping field tour and presentations with approximately 30 producers in attendance.  The Gavelin’s have been utilizing regenerative agriculture principles for a number of years to improve soil health and increase carbon sequestration resulting in reduced input costs. 

The Gavelin’s showcased a polycropping field that exhibited 19 different polycropping species.  The mix was crafted by Kevin Ulmy of Imperial seeds. Calvin Gavelin attributes their regenerative agriculture success to Kevin for providing them direction and recommendations that have made a significant difference for their farming operation.   

Following the field tour, producers attended a combination of academic and producer presentations. Producer and Living Lab participant, Carmen Jackson, presented on how implementing polycropping has benefited the grazing options of their ranching operation.  AAFC researcher, Dr. Aklilu Alemu presented on the challenges and opportunities of cover crops.  Bringing academia/researchers and agricultural producers together to share cover cropping opportunities and information was the most successful outcome of the workshop. Thank you to Calvin and Marla Gavelin for hosting the workshop and sharing their cover cropping experience and knowledge.