Polycropping Workshop at Wapella, SK

Agricultural experts and researchers toured the polycropping fields of Knutson Ranch in Saskatchewan, part of a project exploring polycropping and carbon sequestration, with insightful presentations on the practice's benefits and challenges.

Agricultural producers, agrologists and AAFC and University of Saskatchewan researchers toured polycropping fields at the Knutson Ranch, north of Wapella, Saskatchewan on September 29, 2023. Adam Knutson and his family have been utilizing polycropping techniques for the past 5 years.  Adopting these practices have allowed his ranching operation to extend their grazing days which has been beneficial to his ranching operation.  The Knutson Ranch is part of the Central Prairies Living Lab project that is analyzing the benefits of polycropping and carbon sequestration.  

Dr. Bart Lardner, researcher with the University of Saskatchewan presented on the Opportunities and Challenges associated with Polycropping. Dr. Lardner’s presentation was informative and showcased carbon sequestration projects currently being explored. Trevor Green, a producer in the Moosomin area shared the cover cropping challenges and opportunities he has experienced on his farm. Both presentations activated much discussion and questions.   

Thank you to Adam Knutson for sharing his experience and allowing us to tour his cover cropping fields. The workshop was very informative and we look forward to connecting with Adam throughout the Living Lab project.