The Outcomes

Innovation does not come out of nowhere, but builds on time-tested principles and knowledge held within our existing social-ecological networks. Step by step, drawing on the wisdom of our network, we are co-developing practical and sustainable approaches to agriculture inspired by and tailored to prairie ecosystems.


Finding wisdom in the complexity around us

Producers adapt practices, generating new insights through discussions and experimentation. The variability in implementation makes it challenging to measure benefits precisely. Engaging with fellow producers, researchers, and stakeholders to discuss, design, implement, and evaluate practices on farms and ranches drives an ongoing cycle of innovation for real-world solutions.

300,000+ acres

Our collaborators collectively manage a significant landbase, and produce knowledge and other benefits that reach far beyond the boundaries of their individual farms and ranches.

300+ site visits

Our field crews have been busy collecting data from producers’ widely distributed sites, to understand how management may influence soils, biodiversity, productivity and more.

4+ field days

Nothing beats getting out in the field together, to build relationships, to contextualize our understanding, and to discuss and see the results of beneficial management first hand.

500+ producers

Through field days, producer events, and formal co-development sessions we are committed to connecting with producers and collecting their feedback on the challenges and opportunities in prairie agriculture.

Participant quote

We see huge potential in the Living Lab research, because it is happening on real scale working ranches…. We have already learned a lot from participating. It has given us ideas about how to improve our management practices, and new things to work towards.

- Cyle and Erika Stewart

Our Stories

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